Monday, October 24, 2011

Intellij and Junit Testing

I spent all day trying to fathom out how to install Intellij and java on usb key. After several reformattings and installation of various forms of JRE's and JDK's I was able to compile and run some junit testing on a script I found on the net. I will write-up a tutorial in the next couple of days as Ive got to get my last essay written up by Friday.

To get you started download this JRE and install to F:\java
Then download and install intellij community version from here to a folder of your choice.

When installed its time to configure intellij

go to the folder where you installed intellij and locate the bin folder. within that folder find idea.exe and run.
when the main screen loads select file and then program structure and a pop-window appears.

The word Project should be highlighted on the left hand side and if not select it.
On the right hand side you should see Project SDK and underneath that three boxes

Select New and then select jsdk option and another pop-up will appear. Go to your usb drive and select your java folder and click apply and close. You will now be able to run java programs from intellij.

Stage one over Stage two later on in the week

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